Cortisol and cardio

Cortisol is a hormone of “stress or fear”. It is produced by the adrenal glands at the moment when a person feels threatened or feels the most powerful emotional and physical stress. This hormone usually […]

Manage emotions with yoga

Manage emotions is not always an easy thing to do. Repressing, denying, ignoring them seems to be the more common way that most people handle their emotions. Emotions are energy in motions. When you’re upset you can feel it […]

Hip thrust exercise

Hip thrust is an amazing exercise for the posterior muscle chain, which will work out your glutes. Among “iron lovers”, jokes about athletes who prefer to train their arms and chest several times a week […]

How to run in winter

Many running lovers interrupt their regular outdoor training with the arrival of winter, citing the cold and bad weather conditions. But if you take into consideration some recommendations on clothing and running techniques, you can […]


How to gear up for summer (Trust me, it will come anyhow)   Building up the muscular system is the number one demand of my determined and hard-working clients.   With most of them, we […]


Some of my clients train to lose weight, some to build muscles, some to show off (joking). But I often ask them to consider and concretise all of the following goals once subscribing to my […]


A strong immune system – as easy as 1,2,3 I get really upset when my clients suddenly fall sick and skip trainings. I know  many of them feel guilty as well, so that’s why I’m […]