Difficulties in practicing meditation

The difficulties in practicing meditation happen to many beginners. This is absolutely normal, because you are trying to master a new skill for your body and mind, and it is always not easy.

A lot of people think that meditation is not for them. Therefore, there is a clear conviction in consciousness that everything that we have not explored is inaccessible to us.

But it is worth paying at least a little attention to this and understanding the issue and everything will immediately become available.

Moreover, meditation is something that is inherent in everyone and is natural.

Let’s look at the most common difficulties in practicing meditation.

    • “I don’t know where to start.”

Now there are various schools of meditation, teachers, with some it is possible to study personally. There are many good books and a huge number of articles, websites and applications. Just try to start somewhere.

    • “When I meditate, I fall asleep.”

Often our body perceives relaxation as a call to sleep. Drowsiness is a natural initial reaction of the body. Keep practicing and this complexity of meditation practice will gradually go away. As an option, you can always try another type of meditation.

    • “It hurts to sit for a long time.”

You don’t need to endure the pain. Any suffering will lead you to resistance. You can use pillows for meditation, or at first you can meditate on a soft surface( but always sitting), on a chair, for a short amount of time. Over time, the practice will deepen, the spirit will strengthen and the consciousness will know how to meditate. In order not to hurt your back and not to numb your legs, yoga provides a step for working with the body – this is hatha yoga.

    • “There are a lot of pictures, images, unpleasant experiences in meditation.”

This is another stage in the evolution of the meditator. When you first look into your subconscious, you may encounter accumulated painful experiences of the past, which pops up in different images and can cause different emotions. Treat it as a cleansing. Do not get attached and continue, this is a good sign if you can not hang on this stage.

    • “I don’t have time.”

Time for yoga appears if you do yoga. As soon as you give yourself a whole hour to practice, meditation, you may be surprised to notice that there is more time in your life. Yoga gives a slowing down of time and a conscious moment of now.

If your soul is interested in meditation, reads this article, then you are definitely ready and you have time for everything that you really want.

    • “Nothing is happening, I don’t see anything.”

This most often indicates stress, which could block certain nerve and energy centers responsible for visualization and emotionality. Perhaps there is a complete disbelief in oneself or in the spiritual world and this statement blocks the perception of another reality.

Asanas form the body for years, making it strong and hardy, breathing techniques strengthen health and energy in a few months, and meditations act instantly.

To achieve real meditation, calmness and goodness, it is enough to practice 2-4 times a week. Make sure of this for yourself by starting to practice regularly.