Online training: pros and cons

Online training under the supervision of an online trainer  has become particularly popular over the past couple of years. This type of training has become almost the only possible one during the pandemic. And now, when many people have the opportunity to visit the gym again, not everyone refuses the online format in favor of real training. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of this training format and whether it can be a full-fledged replacement for working with a coach in the gym one-on-one.

Training in the gym with a personal trainer has several advantages. At the same time, such training format may have disadvantages: you depend on the coach’s schedule, and such pleasure is sometimes not cheap.

How online training works

I can tell you about the process of online training, based on my experience as a personal trainer. Usually, at the beginning, you will have a preliminary consultation by phone or via Skype to discuss your goals.

Further, after the current state of the client is revealed and his health is intact, we begin to communicate by e-mail or using messengers.

Then there are two options for the training process. Either you train at home under real-time online supervision, or you get a training program with which you can either go to the gym and perform exercises yourself according to the program, or do the same at home. The choice depends on what goal you are pursuing.

If the main thing for you is to strengthen the body, work out the muscles to a state of tone and just feel good and cheerful, then you can completely cope with this task at home without special equipment.

If there is a desire to gain muscle mass, then, of course, it is better to have access to weights.

So you will do the exercises with the training program proposed by the coach and will report to him about your progress.

You will also have to shoot your workouts on your phone and send a video to the trainer to check the technique.

Advantages of online training

Perhaps the biggest advantage here is the cost. As a rule, working with an online trainer does not affect the budget as much as training with a personal one, and, therefore, this format of training is more accessible to a larger number of people.

For those who are starting to study independently, online support can be an excellent option in terms of accountability and discipline. If you are used to training yourself, but you need help in drawing up a plan, having a mentor who will support you and monitor you every week will help you get on the path to achieving your goals more confidently.

The format of the online training is more flexible. If you can’t go to the gym at the usual time or on a regular schedule, or you want to have the opportunity to train at home, a virtual fitness trainer is a great option.

In addition, this format erases all geographical boundaries. And being in the one city or country, you can train accompanied by a coach from another region.

Disadvantages of working with an online trainer

One of the main drawbacks is that you don’t get personal help. Perhaps your squat technique is not quite perfect, or you do not know how to perform a dumbbell extension on the back deltas. The lack of a personal fitness professional who would support you during each workout can be a reason for frustration or even lead to injury. Keep this in mind, especially if you are new to training.

An online coach also cannot provide you with personal responsibility at the same level as an offline coach will do. In addition, without a clear schedule, there is a great temptation to skip a class or relax during a workout.

So is it worth choosing an online trainer?

When deciding whether online support is suitable for you, you must note three important criteria:

1. You are not a complete beginner in the gym: you used to do squats, for example, and you know how the pull of the lower block differs from the rowing simulator;

2. You have no problems with motivation to go to the gym regularly;

3. You are ready to shoot your workouts on video and send them to the coach without too much embarrassment.