9 great alternatives to gym workouts

Can’t wait to get back to the gym after the quarantine? Or maybe it’s time to try something more interesting? There are many sports that will help you get your body in shape, become fitter, stronger, more flexible and more athletic.

1. Climbing

There are special climbing centers, where people learn rock climbing. The load is more than serious. You will have pain in absolutely everything, from your arms to your abdominal muscles. It’s a great activity to make all your muscles work, improve your stamina ans challenge your brain, because some thinking is also needed.

2. Trampoline jumping

Do not think that the trampoline is suitable only for children. This is a great full-body workout. For weight loss, it is even more effective than running. For an hour of jumping and pirouetting, you will burn 68% more calories than for the same amount on the treadmill. Well, there is no denying that this is much more fun and interesting than a monotonous jog. The trampoline will definitely charge you with positive emotions and improve your mood.

3. Curling

Many people are skeptical about this sport.  But, first, it is important for dexterity and a lot of power. After all, you will have to move projectiles weighing 20 kilograms. Secondly, curling is a game where you need to calculate your actions in advance, apply tactics and strategy. Training involves working on coordination, breathing, and throwing strength. And curling classes are a good opportunity to break an outdated stereotype both for yourself and your friends.

4. Boxing

It allows you to get a double effect: both from cardio and strength training at the same time. After all, boxing involves not only sparring, but also various exercises for warming up. Including jumping rope. At first, all the movements will seem difficult, but over time you will train your arms and legs well. Also, boxing is a great way to get rid of accumulated stress and negative emotions. And also-get the necessary self-defense skills and become more confident.

5. Callanetics

Another great way to overcome stress and become healthier is to do callanetics. These are all kinds of exercises based on yoga asanas. During them, all muscle groups contract and stretch, and the whole body works. As a result, the metabolism accelerates, excess weight goes away, the body becomes more prominent. Experts note that in just one hour of callanetics, you can get an effect equal to a seven-hour aerobics class. Also, with such loads, the body needs nourishment, you want more healthy food. Therefore, it is very convenient to combine the transition to a healthier diet with the start of training.

6. Crossfit

If you are looking for a sport that will be very close to weight training, then crossfit is for you. Working out according to this scheme, you will become noticeably faster, stronger, more resilient, gain good coordination and build strong muscles. The crossfit system includes three areas: cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting. The need to learn so many new skills at once is very motivating and disciplining. And still does not let you get bored. You will learn new exercises literally at every training session.

7. Swimming

You can both swim in the freestyle, and master a certain technique: crawl, breaststroke, butterfly. The ability to swim well will definitely not be superfluous in life. In the pool you will pump all the muscles, lose weight, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. It is also a great leisure activity and a way to relax. Swimming relieves tension even after the hardest working day. It helps to deal with prolonged stress and insomnia. After a half-hour swim, you will feel much better and calmer.

8. Tennis

This is also a game, which means that in addition to physical activity, you are provided with excitement and a good mood. Great tennis requires agility, lightning-fast reaction, speed. You need to try to properly repel the opponent’s blow. So you can strengthen your muscles and become more resilient. The advantage is the variety of coatings. Playing on different courts, you can get a completely new experience.

9. Dancing

Regardless of the type, it is an effective way to lose weight. In one hour on the dance floor, approximately 500 calories are burned. Time flies by under the music. And there are so many dance styles that everyone can choose the right one for themselves. Plus, you will improve your coordination, sense of rhythm, learn to control your body and become more confident. After all, the ability to dance makes a man much more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Most of these sports are great for both gym training and outdoor recreation. And swimming and climbing can even be devoted to a whole summer vacation. Choose the activity that you prefer, or several at once.