7 exercising mistakes

You regularly sweat like a horse after a race, but your fat still won’t leave you alone?
Here’s what I assume you’re doing wrong.

Mistake 1. You don’t have a meal plan

Weight loss isn’t like flying on a magic carpet: if you consume fewer calories that you’re wasting, you lose weight. If continue to overeat, don’t expect the extra pounds to pack your bags and leave.

What should you do?

Since smart nutrition is 80% of the success of your goal to lose weight, it’s time to review your diet. The best way to do this is to start counting calories right now, analyze weight dynamics, and adjust your diet if necessary.

Mistake 2. You underestimate the calories of your meals.

You can sneak a “very small piece” of your partner’s Burger while no one is watching, or finish the last spoonful of your child’s soup. Summing up all these sinful pleasures, you can get unexpected fat deposits here and there.

What should you do?

Be honest with yourself when you write down your calories. Everything counts, even if nobody sees it..

Mistake 3. You’re eating too healthy.

You can also achieve a calorie deficit without complex equations by crossing refined sugar, fast food, and fatty meats off your list. But if you hit boiled chicken breast, rice and cucumbers too hard and add healthy but high-calorie nuts, avocado, red fish and sunflower oil, you can gain extra pounds without any confectionery or sweets.

What should you do?

Find out the calorie content of the foods you eat most often. Determine the optimal meal size to keep your calories in short supply so you don’t have to double-check them with additional counting and scaling.

Mistake 4. You cut your calories too much.

Seems simple, the less you eat, the faster you lose weight. But a strict diet can lead to destruction even for someone who is made of steel. Instead of patiently moving towards your dream, you are making your body starve and unable to perform basic tasks such as heartbeat, digestion, and metabolism.

Once you get off the toxic diet, the pounds you left behind will come back and bring a whole bunch of fat friends to your hips and waist. 

What should you do?

Admit to yourself that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why you need to invest your energy thoughtfully in every step of your way to get to the finish line. The healthy reduction of daily calorie intake is 10-15%.

Mistake 6. You don’t have enough level of physical activity.

You used to take a two-hour walk before going to bed, ride your bike all weekend, and lead an active lifestyle. But now you go to the gym, so you spend your free time on the couch. A lack of your daily activity can be crucial to your weight because it helps to waste calories that can’t be lost in the gym.

What should you do?

Training in the gym is only a part of the daily activity amount. Walk more, take the stairs while going to the office and have a Sunday morning run.

Mistake 7. You don’t check your hormone levels.

Hormones control all of the body processes. There are ones that influence your body weight. It may happen that you carefully follow all the weight loss rules, but still nothing changes, then your hormones may be taking place.

What you should do?

Before starting any diet and training program it is better to get your hormones tested and see if they satisfy the norm levels.

Stay healthy and smart.