I love fitness and pushing boundaries to develop a better physique and healthy lifestyle.

I can’t wait to take you on a journey with me to achieve your goals.

Born and bred in in Sant-Petersburg, Russia, I was exposed to fitness and well-being early in life.

Now living in Amsterdam,The Netherlands, I am privileged to share my passion and knowledge with those in search of a happy and healthy life.

I am currently an independent personal trainer and freelance model with over four years of global experience in The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore and Thailand.

I am a naturally friendly and outgoing person who loves conquering new challenges and living life to the fullest. This has fuelled the creation of my online life-coach transformation course.



My extensive experience in marketing and business development has enabled me to become a social media influencer.


Having owned and operated my own travel and tour agency, Gold Line Travel , LTD for over 5 years in St. Petersburg, Russia has also inspired me to develop bespoke international fitness tours for my clients

The skies the limit, if you put your mind to it. Get it touch with me and I will help you to reach your goals.