5 facts how sports make us happy

Why we do sports

Since childhood, we know that sports are necessary for good health. We go to fitness gyms, run and attend swimming pool to keep our muscles toned, our heart functioning smoothly, and our back not hurting.

But do we know how physical activity affects our mental state? Of course, we feel a rise in mood, cheerfulness, but there are other advantages of sports, which we will talk about in the article.

5 scientific facts of physical activity influence on mental health

🔥1. Exercise causes a rush of endorphins
When you start training, your body under stress from exercise, releases a protein called brain neurotrophic factor. This causes the brain to release more endorphins (“hormones of joy”) to compensate for the damage. That’s why you feel a rush of happiness after training. Endorphins are designed to minimize pain, but their side effect is a state of euphoria.

🔥2. After physical activity, sleep tight
Lack of sleep increases the risk of many diseases, from obesity to cancer. According to the journal Clinical Sports Medicine, working out in the afternoon raises your body temperature, which drops again around the time you need to sleep, acting as an additional signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep.

🔥3. Exercising energizes you
Physical activity enriches your body with oxygen and nutrients, which increases your energy level.

🔥4. Gym rises your self esteem
In the gym, you will have a wonderful transformation, both in the physiological and psychological sense. According to the Journal of Health Psychology, the release of endorphins that accompanies exercise changes the way you think: even if you don’t become an athlete, your attitude to your own body will change for the better.

🔥5. Sport increases the productivity
According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, those who spend more time in the gym have an increased level of creativity. People who exercise more effectively manage their time: they are more productive in the office and, most importantly, happier in life.