A strong immune system – as easy as 1,2,3

I get really upset when my clients suddenly fall sick and skip trainings. I know  many of them feel guilty as well, so that’s why I’m often  asked how to build a strong immune system and fight colds, infections, avitaminose and other unpleasant stuff that add to the stress of daily routines.

  1. Vitamins strike back

Instead of insanely purchasing drugstore vitamins, turn tonatural sources of vitamins A, E and C – that’s what we are aiming for. Hit on carrots, spinach, rose hip berries for provitamin A and bring out the good old citrus fruits and apples for vitamin C. For vitamin E,  force yourself  to down at least two spoonsful of olive oil daily – good advice also shared by the World Health Association. Or at least treat yourself to one spoonful of vegetable oil (tip: can be consumed together with a healthy salad).


  1. Partner with zinc and selenium

No, I am not daring you to start a home-run chemical laboratory, rather than stating that these elements are great comrades for your immune system. Selenium can be found in crude grains and barm (no, I am not saying you should drink beer!) and grain bread, beef, veal, turkey and garlic are your first go-to for zinc.


  1. Walk the line

Surprisingly (not really), but walks that are at least 30 minutes long are very beneficial to many aspects of your well-being and do strengthen your immunity. So next time you I expect you to arrive to our gym training by foot. Bonus: I might cut off the warm up on the treadmill. Well maybe.

Stay healthy and wash your muscular hands!