How much water to drink?

Why you need to drink water

Your body is more than 50% water.
Water is the main material of our cells and plays essential role in efficient functioning of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and brain.

It is obvious that water disbalance leads to negative consequences for the body.

Mild dehydration can cause:
– headaches;
– mood swings;
– decreased performance and cognitive functions.

How to properly regulate water balance

The resesearch shows that consumption less than 1.8 liters of water per day leads to a violation of the water balance.

This increases the risk of metabolic disorder and chronic diseases.

It is better to calculate the amount of water consumption individually. You need to consider your weight, activity, climate.

The formula for calculating the required amount of water:
30 ml. water per 1 kg of weight.

On training days, add 2-3 more glasses of water (400-600ml). Same, if the weather is hot.

What and when to drink

Not only pure water counts, but also other drinks. Moreover, 30-40% of liquid comes from hard food.

But pure water is the best, as it does not contain sugar or extra calories.

The main thing is to adequately approach the issue. Drink when you feel thirsty, when you have high intense activity or when it’s hot. But do not force yourself to drink more than you want.

The risk of dehydration is only threatened in extreme conditions.

Feel your body.
It will always tell you what it needs.