Some of my clients train to lose weight, some to build muscles, some to show off (joking). But I often ask them to consider and concretise all of the following goals once subscribing to my coaching program so that we can then celebrate (with kid’s champagne) the results accomplished.


Goal One.

Instead of desperately wanting to lose weight, set your sails towards losing fat. Muscles are thicker than fat and thus fill in less volume of your body than the same amount of fat. So aim at replacing the percentage of fat in your body with muscles. How to find out about how much fat you have, apart from taking a look at the mirror? Go to a dietologist for hydrostatic weighing and bioelectrical impedance analysis, enquire at your local gym about caliper-based measurement of the skin thickness, buy a specialised scale that shows the percentage of fat or sit down the charts that reveal fat based on your waist and hip volume.

I can also  help with measurement and nutrition plan... 

Goal Two.

Become stronger. No, you are not training to become a new Skywalker, but consider including strength and muscle building into your workouts. No, you won’t become the next Schwarzenegger, since you need to reconsider your nutrition as well to do that, but a bit of elasticity and body tone wouldn’t hurt. Plus, you won’t be afraid to fight criminality in Gotham City or at least gain more independence in your daily tasks like carrying more grocery shopping bags home.





Goal Three.

I bet you’ve already read my article about sports helping to slow the aging process down, but what if I told you that sweating it all out makes you smarter? On a short run, the activity boost you get during exercising influences both your body and your brain, and on the long run it prevents dementia by stimulating the growth if brain cells, especially in the area which is responsible for our memory and education (that’s why you are probably reading this now), betters cerebral blood flow and even amplifies brain volume and meanders count.





Goal Four.

Switch your mode from plain exercising to learning new sports. Thai boxing, swimming, dancing, board sportsā€¦ there is enough room for imagination. Tip: it is also acceptable to divide main goals into supporting ones: even if you are planning to beat Shaun White in halfpipe anytime soon, I suggest you simply start with attempting to slide down the slope and I’ll stay there and laugh. Joking. You’ll send me a video and I’ll laugh anyway – in a good way.




Goal Five.


Make your workout a habit. Don’t sweat for a best friend’s wedding, graduation anniversary, birthdays or funerals. Anyway, would a few hour long – even stunning – appearanceĀ  be worth all the blood and tears you’ve put in? Sweat for your own self, all the while enjoying every step in your way. Block a time slot in your busy schedule, choose a sports center close to your home don’t skip trainings. Otherwise I’ll be after you.