Yoga for beginners. 6 important rules

Yoga for beginners is the right and gradual way to enter the world of yoga. If you want to start practicing yoga, these tips are for you.

They will inspire you to practice and make it effective.

1. Overcome all the reasons for your indecision and start. Books, yoga for beginners tutorials or classes in the studio will help to accumulate initial experience, which sooner or later will lead to a real Teacher – if you are not lucky enough to meet him right away.

2. Make it a rule to tune in to classes-5-10 minutes before starting in a comfortable sitting or lying position with your eyes closed, watching your breathing. Be inspired and attentive in your practice.

3. Practice with full dedication, overcoming the lazy nature of the body, but do not let your ambitions take over and overdo it in your classes. The effect of yoga for beginners practice can appear only if you practice regularly for a long time.

4. Determine for yourself the number of classes per week and the period (at least 3 months) and show perseverance in your practice. Action is better than inaction, but only the right action will give the result.

5. Do not quit classes if something does not work out for you or it seems to you that there are no visible improvements — develop observation, noting even barely noticeable changes.

It is good to keep a diary and record your impressions and feelings. It won’t be easy at first, no matter what you’ve been doing before. There is no need to strive to make complex poses, it is more important to study the correct movements in simple poses, getting the maximum effect from their execution.

6. Do not compare yourself with other students, but only with yourself before and after class, from class to class. And the effort is worth it. With practice, the body will change, and with it the mind, habits, environment, values.

And, believe me, you will like the changes that are taking place, because the practice of yoga gradually brings a person into harmony with his inner and outer world and brings him closer to the soul. The main thing is patience and perseverance, because yoga is about overcoming, cleansing and transforming yourself.

One of the most famous teachers of India, B. K. S. Iyengar, said: “The most important thing in yoga classes is not breathing technique, knowledge of asanas or joint flexibility. The most important thing is to spread out the mat and start studying.”