Why you better start walking

Walking vs Running

The culture of running has been actively promoted recently. Marathons, running schools, and Sunday morning jogging clubs. From all sides, we get the information that if you don’t run, then you are clearly missing something

But let’s not go crazy and consciously approach the question.
If, after all, your goal is to maintain and improve your health, and not become an athlete of track and field, then you should consider walking as an excellent alternative to jogging.

First, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then your back is exposed to daily loads. Running, in turn , is a very large compression load on the spine and joints. Therefore, regular jogging can only worsen the condition of your back.

Walking, on the contrary, is useful for back pain. Because it gives a purely physiological compression that stimulates the microvessels in the intervertebral discs. And they thus begin to be naturally washed by the blood, carrying nutrients there. Thanks to this, pain goes away and damage to the spine is restored.

Secondly, some studies have shown that the risk of a heart attack when running increases by 40 %. When walking, it is only 8%. Therefore, moderate walking is a gentle load on the heart, strengthens blood vessels, pumps the lungs and stimulates the immune system.

Benefits of walking

1. It is much easier to get up and go for a walk for half an hour than to motivate yourself to run for the same half hour.

2. While walking, you have more control over your movements, placing the foot, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

3. In addition, walking is a great way to improve your mood. After a walk, you always feel a surge of strength and vital energy, and not fatigue as after a jog.