Fitness VS aging

If you are a dedicated follower of my blog, you should already know many benefits of workouts. But what if I tell you that sports can help you if not fight, but at least slow down the aging process?


What happens once we reach that scary milestone of 40?

First of all, we – as a consequence of performing less activity, even in the gym – lose muscular weight. Sad but true: your muscles become thin, weak and less elastic. To make things worse, the amount of fat grows proportionally, and every guilty eating pleasure, re-appears in additional centimetres around your waist and hips. As a result of the above, your spine and your joints become less flexible and the accuracy of movements and ability to maintain a balance demand more effort. Even your bones act against you by becoming lighter (15-20%), less thick and fragile and take more time to re-grow because of lack of calcium. That’s why you’d better try all the daredevil activities that might end up in fractures earlier in life!



Enough of apocalyptic thoughts, here’s what you can do now so that your body will thank you (and me) later. Opt for professional assistance whenever scheduling your workouts since you need to take your age, your physical form and any  illnesses into account. Thoroughly define your fitness goals and decide whether you need to lose weight or fat, increase stamina, build muscles, develop balance and flexibility or just make your body healthy again. Balance your strength and cardio activities and pay attention to all groups of muscles. Perfect the way you perform each exercise to avoid unnecessary trauma.  Increase the load of your workout gradually and keep a slow pace. Exercise at least one hour long three times a week, take your time to recover and avoid overload. Sleep at least eight hours a day and eat healthy.






So what kind of exercise can help you to slow down aging and live longer and happily ever after?

Jogging, running and swimming serve as  the best cardio and aerobic workouts that help to  fill your cells with oxygen that disintegrates fat. Swimming is also kind to your joints and water can serve as a hydromassage, perfecting your skin tone, fighting cellulite, elastifying your vessels, stimulating blood and lymph circulation and normalising your blood pressure. If you haven’t exercised much before, turn your attention towards yoga and pilates. The pace of these workouts is slow, and they help to boost  joint and ligament flexibility and train inner muscles. Give  importance to proper breathing and stamina of the cardiovascular system. Forties no longer sound like a sentence, right?

my best recomendation to start personal training with me and I will help you improve your health and body.