Breakfast ideas for productivity and energy boost

Breakfast ideas and morning foods that’s what i want to talk about in this article.

Eating the right food is important for healthy body and good mood and also can help you get your brain working and feel productive.

Red fish-50 g, vegetables, sesame oil and sesame seeds, poached egg – include these products to your breakfast and your brain is going to be happy.

What is a healthy state of the brain?

Concentration of attention.
Good mood.
Clear memory.
The ability to analyze and make optimal decisions.

Useful morning habits:

Let’s start with my useful breakfast ideas and some habits that I began to gradually introduce into my morning routine.

1. Light dinner with a portion of protein. This activates growth hormone during sleep.

2. Compliance with the sleep regime. It is better to go to bed and wake up at the same time.

3. In the morning, our face reflects our condition very well. So why not give it 5 minutes and refresh it a little? I do a light massage. I rub my palms and massage my eyes (I press my palms on the eyelids very lightly and gently), then my ears, then my neck (I run my clenched fists up it).

4. I drink a glass of water (cold or warm according to my mood).

5. Then a cold shower.

All this is energy, prevention of puffiness and endorphins in their purest form.


Morning foods

What foods are better to include in your breakfast to start the work of the brain and the body as a whole?

1. Salmon.

Why does the brain love fat fish? Because omega-3 fatty acids are the best building blocks for neurons and an anti-inflammatory. Red fish is an energy drink for the brain.

Try this breakfast ideas: scrambled eggs, greens and bread with fish and a thin layer of butter.


2. Eggs.

Eggs and the brain are great friends, because eggs contain choline and lecithin, the right fatty acids and antioxidants.

Plus, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a story that a high-protein breakfast helps control the hunger-stimulating hormone throughout the day.

And this is important for your concentration on tasks.


3. Beets.

Activate the blood flow with a high content of nitrates.

The brain receives blood flow, especially beets have a good effect on those areas that are responsible for memory and attention.

A good idea would be a salad of boiled beets with walnuts + a little olive oil. And something protein is required, you can cook a boiled chicken or egg, adding pesto or any other sauce to them.


4. Broccoli.

Why not? Broccoli also contains choline, as well as many other vitamins and minerals.


5. Green tea.

Green tea gently but significantly affects the brain, reduces anxiety, improves memory and helps to concentrate.

It also protects against fatigue during the day, helps to maintain vigor.

Matcha is a new great drink. It gently affects the body, tonesizing the nervous system and improving mood.


6. Hot chocolate.

Both the theanine from green tea and theobromine from cocoa are optimal and less traumatic stimulants than caffeine, because they do not affect cortisol production,but increase energy levels.


7. Almonds.

Why not add some to your morning porridge or salad? Yes, few people pay such attention to breakfast that they eat salads or other more complex dishes than a sandwich.

I always recommend my clients to build their day so that your breakfast is saturated with all the necessary nutrients.

Almonds can also be part of a dessert. It provides 37% of the daily value of vitamin E in 30 grams. Vitamin E is the brain’s protector against age-related changes.

Almonds increase the level of acetylcholine, which is responsible for learning and memory.


8. Sweet potato.

Another unexpected product in the context of breakfast. It takes a long time to digest, provides a feeling of satiety, and stabilizes blood sugar levels. A source of potassium, vitamins A and C, and minerals.



The morning routine is the key to a successful day. In addition, the state and mood in which you wake up in the morning, strongly depends on how your time before going to bed looks like. Therefore, I recommend that you take responsibility for what you eat for dinner and what thoughts and states you go to bed with. Evening yoga or stretching will do a great job in order to relieve the tension, both physical and emotional, accumulated during the day.

With a conscious approach to your daily routine, you will always sleep well, and any morning will be cheerful and productive.