4 main factors that prevent you from losing weight

Over the years of my training and working as a fitness trainer, I have identified 4 of the most important factors that prevent from losing weight.

Lack of knowledge.

Before you do something, you just need to have at least minimal knowledge and understanding. It is necessary to know at least the basics of proper nutrition. To do this, you should study the information from trusted sources or just consult with a professional.

After all, if you don’t eat right, then you can simply stand still or, worse, start gaining extra pounds. But if you eat right, then weight loss will pass quickly and with positive emotions.

Limits and Limitations.

I often meet people who are not happy during weight loss, and all this is due to the fact that they perceive the situation as hard work. They initially perceive a healthy lifestyle on a psychological level as limitations, putting themselves in the framework. This hinders the weight loss process as much as possible, and often people stop exercising.

To prevent this from happening, the situation should be perceived as a gift to yourself. At least you do it for yourself and your health, and the so-called framework, it’s temporary. But after you start to transform, you will get great pleasure from the sport and you definitely won’t want to quit it.

Lack of purpose.

Many people just dream of looking cool, but they don’t have a goal. There is no motivation without a goal, but you can dream while lying on the couch eating hamburgers. The choice remains for everyone and “the choice is not to do anything is also a choice.”

Therefore, in order to get the desired result, you need to have a goal and understand for yourself why you need it and what exactly you need. What problems it solves or what advantages it gives you.

If you accept this situation and completely dissolve in it, then you will have fun and positive emotions.


And this is the biggest problem for most, since everything around just provokes you to stop losing weight. These are elementary corporate parties, birthdays, picnics, meetings with relatives and here the list can still be continued indefinitely.

Here, as in any new endeavor, you just need to endure and keep yourself in hand. Do not give yourself slack and over time you will not notice how you already easily treat the surrounding temptation.

I think it’s time to make a simple conclusion:

– don’t set yourself limits – the biggest obstacle is in our head.
– have not a dream, but a goal.
– difficulties are good, they make us move.
– solve questions consciously.