5 mistakes of the beginner in the gym

I often notice that people in the gym make the same mistakes, and then wonder why their muscles don’t grow, and just quit training.

In this article I will tell you about common mistakes that prevent your muscles from growing.

1. Ignoring the WARM-up.

During the warm-up, the muscles get ready for training, and the joints are lubricated and prepared for loads. But if you ignore the warm-up, then the chance of injury is very high.

Each coach will make you warm up before the main workout.

2. Ignoring STRETCHING.

It is very important to stretch the muscles after performing heavy exercises. Thanks to stretching, blood circulation improves in the muscles clogged during training. And good blood circulation in the muscles helps to restore them faster.

3. Insufficient WATER consumption.

Water is the smartest liquid that improves digestion and helps our muscles grow and recover thanks to its rich composition.


I see how many people go to the gym with their friends and sit with their phones between approaches or just chat for about 5-10 minutes.

Fast training and performing different exercises on different muscle groups without concentration and understanding do not give any sense.

Therefore, for good muscle growth, it is worth choosing the right pace and exercises.