Spiritual Teacher: Who is this?

Spiritual teacher is an ocean of knowledge. In this ocean, one student chooses stones, and the other chooses pearls, and this choice depends on the student.

There are times when it seems that to solve the current situation and reach a new standard of living, you need a person who will say the most important thing, guide and help you overcome difficulties.

There is a well-known wisdom: “The student is ready – the Teacher is also ready.”

When you are ready for knowledge, you will find a person and after talking with him, you will understand that he is your guru. He does not hide his knowledge, shares it openly and his goal is to get you back on the right path.

It should be a bright person. But this also imposes obligations on the student. Deep respect and following the instructions.

It happens that a student eventually begins to criticize his Teacher.  He is striving for a new stage. But disrespectful attitude to him, criticism will lead to very serious consequences. You should always remember this.

Are we Teachers aswell ? 

We have been in the role of a guru more than once, for sure. 

One way or another, by our actions and words, we show the way to those who are close to us. And there is one rule – if the person to whom you have shown the way has reached heights in the spiritual sphere, then you also rise with him, even if you have not yet reached perfection.

All these tips and instructions that we receive from  the guru help us in our spiritual sphere. Be attentive and vigilant – hear them!

The guru of Alexander I of Macedon

Alexander the Great was always respectful to his Teachers. During a trip to India, he met Chanakya Pandit. He talked to Alexander for several days not as an invader, but as a person carrying a deep emotional trauma – this was the spiritual and moral culture of the Teacher.

The young Macedonian king was an open book for him. He told him-you don’t want to become a conqueror, you want to avenge your father. He also said that a mentor who directs to death because of ambitious motives cannot say about himself: “I am a Spiritual Teacher.”

And at that time Alexander had none other than Aristotle himself. He longed to perpetuate himself by becoming the mentor of the great conqueror. You will not be able to free the peoples from slavery, Chanakya also said, because the liberated ones will have the consciousness of slaves. Better preach and build schools. He also informed him that the king would die young. This meeting had a deep influence on Macedonian King.

Who was Chanakya Pandit for Alexander? Of course, a Spiritual Teacher-a manifestation of the Almighty on the path of this extraordinary person in history.

We are all are in the eternal flow of learning. Hear and recognize all your Teachers! Become them yourself. Sincere love and compassion for people will give you the right words.