6 things that kill your muscles

When you start going to the gym, you wait for the moment when the muscles will appear and the body will look like a picture from the magazine “Men’s Health”. But it takes half a year or a year, and the muscles have not increased much. Visually, of course, you can see the changes, the dropped pounds and the overall tightness. But the shoulders have not increased, and the muscles on the legs are also far from ideal. Most likely, mistakes were made during training.

What kills muscle growth and how to fix it

1. Cardio loads at the wrong time
Running before strength exercises reduces the effectiveness of strength exercises by 10%. It is better to separate strength and cardio training. In one day, do aerobic exercises: walking, running, ellipse. The next day-by force. This will give the body extra time to recover and speed up the process of building muscle mass.

2. Intense cardio
In the process of cardio exercise, energy is actively consumed. If there is no reserve of fat tissue, then the body takes energy from the muscles. The muscles begin to break down and you will not see the cherished biceps. If you like cardio, but at the same time build muscle, increase the daily diet. To build muscle, it is better to get calories with protein, after a workout, protein shakes or bars are suitable.

3. Calorie deficit
It is impossible to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. You need to do one thing. Don’t forget that muscles don’t grow out of thin air. To build muscle, you can not eat with a calorie deficit.

4. Small weights
In order for the muscles to start growing, the body must feel an overload. Working with the same weight constantly, the muscles adapt and no longer increase. Make a training plan and enter into it a gradual increase in the load. You can enhance the result by either adding weight or the number of repetitions.

5. Lack of sleep
If you think that the muscles grow during a workout in the gym — it is not so. In the gym, the muscles receive a signal that it’s time to build muscle mass. Muscles grow during rest and especially intensively during sleep. So it’s time to forget about the lack of sleep and start getting enough sleep. The norm is 8 hours of night sleep.

6. Stress
Delayed muscle growth is sometimes associated with great psychological overload of the body. Constant stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol. The hormone increases the breakdown of muscle fibers to amino acids and compensates for the lack of energy.

If you are constantly nervous and under stressful conditions, your muscles will simply not be able to grow.

To build muscle mass, you need to eat properly and in a balanced way, get enough sleep, increase the load and stop with stress. Only an integrated approach will help you get the right terrain and volumes.