Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy in winter

To keep your health strong in winter, you need to follow some rules in your lifestyle, daily routine and diet. Let’s look at what recommendations Ayurveda gives about this.

It is important to increase the energy of the body, because the lack of heat and sunlight significantly reduce our energy reserves.

In winter, you should work moderately, get enough sleep and rest, eat in accordance with the winter recommendations of Ayurveda, dress warmly and do not forget about movement.

Recommendations for lifestyle, daily routine in winter

Slow down

We are not in a hurry, we do everything in a measured and gradual manner, we go to bed at the same time (no later than 22 hours). You can get up a little later than usual, as the sun rises later in winter. In winter, nature itself gives us more time to rest, so we rest.

Do exercises

You should not forget about regular physical activity, which is so important. These should be smooth and even loads.

Special attention should be paid to the benefits of so called “fire breath”. Breathing through the right nostril also helps to warm and improve blood circulation. It is enough to do this for two to three minutes.

Use oils

We warm and moisturize the body with oil. Cotton wool dries, so it is useful in winter every morning before taking a shower to moisten the body with oiling. It is best to use sesame oil. To slightly heat it place it in a bowl of hot water. Then apply from top to bottom in this sequence: first the neck and shoulders, then the arms and chest, stomach and back, thighs, shins and finally the feet.

Winter is a period in which you should not forget about immunity. In addition to oiling the whole body, you can also increase the immunity of Ayurveda in winter by rubbing sesame oil into the feet before going to bed. This massage has a positive effect on the biological points located on the feet, and the oil itself is absorbed into the blood and also brings a positive effect for the body.

To enhance the effect, after rubbing the oil, it is recommended to wear socks.

Eat and drink hot

It is also useful to drink tea with ginger and lemon, masala teas, add pepper and ginger to food.

Ayurveda pays much attention to nutrition, as food can significantly affect the balance of energy in the body, human health and his psycho-emotional state. Proper nutrition in winter according to Ayurveda will help to maintain the normal balance and increase the health and endurance of the body.

Wear bright

It is better to dress in bright and warm colors. It can be: yellow, red, orange. Such colors warm energetically and emotionally. Clothes should be warm, be sure to wear a hat and scarf, as the heat goes through the head faster (this is our Central energy channel).

Adhering to these recommendations, you can avoid seasonal colds, keep a good mood and cheerfulness.