What not to eat for dinner and breakfast

Let’s talk about the products that should not be eaten for breakfast.

Oranges or orange juice.
Do not drink orange juice or oranges on an empty stomach. The fact is that the body after we woke up needs rehydration, since it was without water all night. And orange juice has an aggressive environment. This juice contains strong acids that can lead to digestive problems.

Smoked meats and raw vegetables.
If you eat these foods in the morning, they will irritate the stomach and cause stomach cramps.

Cold drinks.
Due to the fact that the water will be cold, it is more difficult for the body to start digestion in the morning. Therefore, it is recommended to always warm up drinks and food in the morning before eating it, so that there are no problems with digestion and the stomach works as it should.

By itself, coffee increases the secretion of gastric juice, if you drink it regularly as soon as you wake up, it can lead to gastritis.

It is strictly forbidden to eat sweets on an empty stomach, since sweets sharply raise blood sugar levels, but after 1 hour you will want to eat again.

It is best to eat for breakfast :
– oatmeal or buckwheat porridge;
– cottage cheese with honey, dried fruits or nuts;
– boiled eggs or omelet;
– sandwiches with hard cheese and herbs;
– tea and stewed vegetables.

What foods should not be eaten for dinner.

Sweets and bakery products.
Such products are digested very quickly and have a high calorie content, and due to the fact that energy is not spent during sleep, it is stored in fat.

Protein products of animal origin.
These foods take too long to digest for about 4 hours, and the stomach naturally works when it needs to rest and this loads it heavily.

Alcohol and coffee.
Alcohol itself is harmful, but it causes headaches, reduces the quality of sleep, which entails frequent awakenings. But if we slept badly, then the working day may not be set.

It is best to eat for dinner:
– vegetables and fruits (celery, beets, baked potatoes and apples);
– kefir;
– non-fatty fish varieties.