Attention is the key to success

Attention is the energy.

This is the most important and basic rule related to your energy. If you paid attention to the fact that everything is bad for you, it means that you have given your energy to make everything even worse in your life. You pay your attention to joyful events — you give your energy for joy, which means that there will be more and more joy in your life.

The mechanism of attention

Energy is nothing but the management and concentration of your attention. This rule means: where your attention is directed, your energy goes there. 

Where you direct your energy is where you want to be closer to. Or, where you direct your attention — with this you want to be closer.

Do you pay attention to gloomy people? So you want to be gloomy! You turn your attention to satisfaction — you want to be satisfied. It’s simple.

If you turn your attention to what you don’t want, that is, to your problems, you send more energy there, and the problems only grow. If you pay your attention to what you want, that’s what you attract into your life.

Do you know what you want?

The fact is that now most people do not know what they want at all. But they always know that they don’t want to. If you don’t know what you want, then how do you determine that something positive is happening to you? Whatever happens in your life — you don’t want this, but something else. And you don’t know what you want. If you don’t know what you want, whatever happens to you, whatever happens to you, it won’t satisfy you.

Therefore, it is very important to find out and determine for yourself what you want. And start paying more and more attention to this case. Thus, you will begin to send more and more of your energy there.

Until you have set a positive goal for yourself, the eternal struggle with problems will never stop! If you set a big goal that is positive in every sense, then daily problems will turn into small difficulties that are easily overcome, gaining invaluable experience.

You should control your thoughts so that there is no leakage of your energy and strength, and then we will be able to change our lives for the better and our desires will be fulfilled.

Exercise your attention

Our consciousness is both a mechanism of influence and a measuring device. But this is possible only because human consciousness can work in two different modes. And in order to avoid any questions – whether it was in fact, or it seemed to us — it is necessary to first learn to separate the two modes of consciousness.

When we model something with our consciousness, we work in the mode of a direct energy circle and at this time we do not perceive it. And when we have finished modeling — it is now necessary to switch to the reverse energy circle mode and then it will be possible to perceive and feel the result of the impact.

Almost everyone knows that when a person has something that hurts, they put their hand to this place. This place is ironed, rubbed, crumpled. Sometimes it is advised to stroke clockwise or vice versa. Since energy always circulates in our body in a forward or reverse circle, our hands are either sources or intakes of energy. Therefore, when we put our hand to the sore spot, we either add energy there or take it away from there. 

For example, with inflammation, an overabundance of energy is collected in the organ, and taking it from there, we will improve a person’s feelings. At the same time, the healer himself must turn the reverse circle and stroke the inflamed place counterclockwise. Loving mothers do this with their children completely subconsciously. Their subconscious, wanting to help the child, itself includes the necessary circulation of energy.