How to fix low back pain

What is low back pain?

More and more clients ask me, how to fix low back pain.
Unfortunately, back pain is becoming a very common problem due to the fact that we all spend a lot of time sitting. At the computer at work, in transport, at home, watching TV.

The lower back is the part of the spine that suffers from the most load. Moreover, it is quite often less strong compared to thoracic spine. Lower back is very susceptible to injuries.

Sometimes the pain is so severe that a person has to take an unnatural position, his movements are constrained. Every movement causes extreme discomfort.
Pain can last for a couple of minutes or several days. Then it can suddenly stop, but after a while it repeats.
Some preventive actions should be taken from the very beginning.

Why does the lower back hurt?

The following factors may be the cause:

    • long-term driving or working at the computer in a sitting position;
    • highly-intensed physical activity, emotional stress at work;
    • enhanced training in the gym (when performing exercises in a standing or sitting position without a proper warm up);
    • pregnancy and difficult delivery;
    • excess weight.

Exersises to reduce lower back pain

I highly recommend to perform these exersises each time you will discomfort in your lower back.

First one is a fit ball exersise.

Sit with your back on the fit ball and your feet on the floor. Hands behind your head.
Roll your back on the fit ball so that the lower back reaches the maximum stretch.
Perform this exercise slowly and smoothly.
Repeat 10-15 times.

Another exersise is a yoga pose called Happy Baby.

Step 1. Lie on your back. As you exhale, bend your knees and pull them up to your chest. The lower back is pressed to the floor. The neck is relaxed.

Step 2. As you inhale, put your hands on your legs (if you find it difficult, use a belt). Spread your knees slightly wider than your chest, then pull them towards your armpits.

Step 3. The ankles should be directly above the knees so that the shins are perpendicular to the floor. Pull your feet towards you. Gently push your feet into your arms (or belts) and pull your arms down to create light resistance.

The result that you have

Doing these exercises regularly will help you reduce lower back pain, also stretch and relaxe the lower back muscles.
Moreover, it’s better to do a special workout to strenghten your back.
I recommend you my effective training and stretching program, that aims:

    • posture correction,
    • muscule strenghten,
    • higher flexibility,
    • relaxation.