The right way to consume protein

Protein intake, when and how, is the most popular but still questionable moment for those who train. In this article you can find general tips of consuming protein.

The main recommendations of Andrew Hamilton, biochemist, expert on sports nutrition.

Previously, the basic recommendation of protein intake was 1.2 grams per kg of body weight per day. Now 1.6-2 gr. Sprinters and other athletes who have more intense workouts are recommended to 2-2. 5 grams.

— It is important to keep control of how much protein you consume. Everything is written on the products labels, you just need to write it down or use a mobile app. For example, the Myfitnesspal app or similar.

— After training, there is a so-called “window of opportunity” when the muscles are best restored. This applies to both carbohydrates and liquids. More useful if you use them together. This is because carbohydrates stimulate the production of insulin, which promotes faster delivery of amino acids to muscle cells.

— The best option after training is to consume protein, which is quickly absorbed. For example, whey. 20 grams of this protein immediately after training will be more useful in terms of recovery than 20 grams of soy or casein.

– Of course, egg protein is very good, it has all the right amino acids in the right proportions. But whey is the best in terms of speed of assimilation.

— Is it possible to overdo it with protein? Sometimes in sports nutrition, one dose of protein reaches 60 grams. But studies show that at one time more than 20-25 grams the human body can not digest. Do not use more than 20-25 grams at a time, it is better to repeat the dosage after 60-90 minutes. And even better, for the second time, organize a balanced intake of full-fledged food, with a predominance of high-quality protein sources (fish, eggs, meat), with carbohydrates and low fat content.

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