How to recover after exercising?

Once the morning comes, light itching in your muscles turns to heaviness in your whole body. But when the fatigue builds up, you’d want to quit more than ever. But you can avoid this hussle if you take care of yourself after exercising. 

The most-wanted recovery tips


A massage is not only a pleasant way of relaxing after you’ve sweat it all out, but it also helps to withdraw muscle fatigue and hypostadies, improve blood circulation and joint mobility.


You should gradually refill your calorie supply after you’re wiped out. But don’t hit your closest fast food place otherwise you’d get easily seduced to have another round of French fries. Better eat at home, ideally high-fiber and high-carb meals, like cottage cheese, turkey and chicken breast. That will speed up your recovery and compensate for energy waste. I would also advise you to prepare food in advance, otherwise you’d most likely opt for a lazy take-away once home.

Nutritional supplements

Dietary supplements can be purchased at any local fitness goods store, but don’t make a rookie mistake of insanely buying L-carnitine just because your gym fellows and social media fitness gurus do so. Consult your physician if you want to start taking any nutrition supplements. The most popular supplements are creatine (boosts strength), protein (stimulates muscle growth), gainers (a combination of fibers and carbs that helps to restore fiber supply), L-glutamine (enables quick recovery after physical overload) and BCAA (alleviates muscle damage).


Especially combined with massage, a turkish hammam or finnish sauna relaxes your muscle and boosts blood circulation. According to research, regular sauna visits positively influence your cardiac function. Remember to get a healthcare check prior to your visit, especially if you suffer from heart or lung-related diseases, don’t stay longer than 20 minutes and do not increase the sauna temperature for more than 100 °С.


Sometimes you feel a boost of energy instead of tiredness after a great workout, and you might wanna waste it all by going out. I would suggest you put all energy-consuming plans aside and get some rest. Quality sleep (at least 8 hour long) restores your nervous system and helps you stay more concentrated during your next workout.

Recovery training

Sometimes you can hardly get out of bed after a wipeout in the gym, not even mentioning exercising again. But you don’t have to sweat it all out a few days in the row. Go for a slow jog, play volleyball or basketball, cycle or do some yoga. It will help your body better adapt to the workout load.

Now you know how to recover from active exercising.