4 ways to burn fat without heavy workouts

It is commonly believed that fat burns only during hard workouts. But also  metabolism is responsible for active fat burning, it is enough to increase it and fat will not linger on your body.

It is worth remembering that over the years, many processes of our body slow down and metabolism is no exception. And with the slowing down of metabolism, fat cells quite actively begin to be deposited in some parts of the body.

This can be avoided.

1. Proper nutrition.
Proper nutrition is the main point of weight loss. It is also worth completely reviewing your diet and getting rid of harmful products and replacing them with useful ones. It is necessary to understand that without a calorie deficit, fat will not oxidize and burn. The body should receive much fewer calories than it spends, only then it will take the missing energy from fat deposits.

You can add spicy foods such as chili pepper. It contains Capsaicin, it affects the metabolic rate.

Also add:

It is necessary to eat more protein foods and vegetables, and as for cereals, it is worth giving preference to whole grains and dark-colored cereals. It’s worth consuming complex carbohydrates, not fast ones. Such cereals are more difficult to digest by the body and at the time of their assimilation force the body to spend more energy than before.

2. Contrast shower.
Taking a shower and changing the temperature helps to improve blood circulation in the body. It is used in the fight against cellulite and in strengthening the skin. And because of the change in temperature, the body has to spend a lot of energy to maintain a normal body temperature.

3. Water balance.
You need to drink water regardless of whether you lose weight or gain muscle mass on the contrary. Water is involved in many processes of our body and also contributes to fat burning. 

Water is very important for the body, as it accelerates metabolism.

4. Hiking or Cycling.
To maintain a fast metabolism, physical activity is important anyway. 

3 reasons why you don’t have a 6 pack

Everyone has ABS, just those who are not overweight, it is visible better and vice versa. In this article we will talk about why many people can’t pump up 6 pack.

It is important to understand what core is, many people confuse and say that Abs and Core are the same thing. But performing classical exercises, the core does not pump up. Since the core is pumped by many exercises and squats too.

The core is the muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the spine, hips and pelvis.

Below we list the main reasons why you do not have a 6 pack.


The fact is that 80% of the success of obtaining abs pack depends on the diet. I always say that no matter how tough and exhausting the workouts are, they will not make the abs beautiful. Without a doubt, training builds abdominal muscles, but the kitchen cuts and draws it.

The abs are no different from other muscles and it also needs to be trained according to the principles of hypertrophy. And the kitchen (proper nutrition) helps to reduce the level of body fat.

You need to understand that Training will not give the proper result without proper nutrition and vice versa. Eating without proper training is a waste of time.

In order to pump up a particular muscle group, it needs to be given a sufficient amount of time.

I’m not saying that doing abs exercises at the beginning of a workout as a warm-up or at the end is bad. But if the goal is to pump up other muscle groups. But if you want to pump up powerful abs, you should focus on pumping it.

Therefore, exercises on the abs must be fully added to your workouts.

The fact is that for some muscles, or rather to awaken the metabolic process, more repetitions are needed. 10-12 repetitions are enough for one person to feel a burning sensation in them, and 20 repetitions are enough for others. But it also depends on the type of exercise performed.

That is why it is very important to choose the right exercises and training style for yourself. It is good enough to feel the abs when doing exercises.

Try to perform fast repetitions of about 70% of the total number of repetitions, and perform the remaining 30% slowly. Perhaps this method will suit you. Experiment, because each person is different.

Remember exercises with your own weight will draw the press well, and with additional weights allow the abdominal muscles to grow.

What not to eat for dinner and breakfast

Let’s talk about the products that should not be eaten for breakfast.

Oranges or orange juice.
Do not drink orange juice or oranges on an empty stomach. The fact is that the body after we woke up needs rehydration, since it was without water all night. And orange juice has an aggressive environment. This juice contains strong acids that can lead to digestive problems.

Smoked meats and raw vegetables.
If you eat these foods in the morning, they will irritate the stomach and cause stomach cramps.

Cold drinks.
Due to the fact that the water will be cold, it is more difficult for the body to start digestion in the morning. Therefore, it is recommended to always warm up drinks and food in the morning before eating it, so that there are no problems with digestion and the stomach works as it should.

By itself, coffee increases the secretion of gastric juice, if you drink it regularly as soon as you wake up, it can lead to gastritis.

It is strictly forbidden to eat sweets on an empty stomach, since sweets sharply raise blood sugar levels, but after 1 hour you will want to eat again.

It is best to eat for breakfast :
– oatmeal or buckwheat porridge;
– cottage cheese with honey, dried fruits or nuts;
– boiled eggs or omelet;
– sandwiches with hard cheese and herbs;
– tea and stewed vegetables.

What foods should not be eaten for dinner.

Sweets and bakery products.
Such products are digested very quickly and have a high calorie content, and due to the fact that energy is not spent during sleep, it is stored in fat.

Protein products of animal origin.
These foods take too long to digest for about 4 hours, and the stomach naturally works when it needs to rest and this loads it heavily.

Alcohol and coffee.
Alcohol itself is harmful, but it causes headaches, reduces the quality of sleep, which entails frequent awakenings. But if we slept badly, then the working day may not be set.

It is best to eat for dinner:
– vegetables and fruits (celery, beets, baked potatoes and apples);
– kefir;
– non-fatty fish varieties.

4 morning habits that will help burn fat

If you start a new day correctly, it will not only set the right rhythm for the whole day, but also help to keep an excellent body shape without extra pounds.

We will talk about habits that will significantly enhance the effect of weight loss.

So what should you do every morning?


Not proper and not enough sleep is the problem of most people. And lack of sleep leads to exhaustion of the body, it in turn gets stressed and simply does not have time to recover.

As scientists have proved, sleep is directly related to overeating (that is, if you do not get enough sleep, the body will require more energy from food, well, or sleep more-eat less).

Remember that poor sleep has a very negative effect on the nervous system and hormonal background.

Healthy breakfast.

Breakfast should consist mainly of protein foods and then you will stay full longer, and your blood sugar level will be normal.

Vitamin D.

Take vitamin D if you live in conditions of lack of sun. It has been proven that metabolism directly depends on Vitamin D, and if you have a good metabolism, then fat deposition is minimized.

Training in the morning.

A morning that starts with movement is much more useful, and the metabolic processes in the body are turned on for the whole day. 


A great tool for burning extra pounds. The huge advantages are that you do not need to have any special skills and have some kind of tool. The walk allows you to enjoy the scenery and the fresh morning air.

4 main factors that prevent you from losing weight

Over the years of my training and working as a fitness trainer, I have identified 4 of the most important factors that prevent from losing weight.

Lack of knowledge.

Before you do something, you just need to have at least minimal knowledge and understanding. It is necessary to know at least the basics of proper nutrition. To do this, you should study the information from trusted sources or just consult with a professional.

After all, if you don’t eat right, then you can simply stand still or, worse, start gaining extra pounds. But if you eat right, then weight loss will pass quickly and with positive emotions.

Limits and Limitations.

I often meet people who are not happy during weight loss, and all this is due to the fact that they perceive the situation as hard work. They initially perceive a healthy lifestyle on a psychological level as limitations, putting themselves in the framework. This hinders the weight loss process as much as possible, and often people stop exercising.

To prevent this from happening, the situation should be perceived as a gift to yourself. At least you do it for yourself and your health, and the so-called framework, it’s temporary. But after you start to transform, you will get great pleasure from the sport and you definitely won’t want to quit it.

Lack of purpose.

Many people just dream of looking cool, but they don’t have a goal. There is no motivation without a goal, but you can dream while lying on the couch eating hamburgers. The choice remains for everyone and “the choice is not to do anything is also a choice.”

Therefore, in order to get the desired result, you need to have a goal and understand for yourself why you need it and what exactly you need. What problems it solves or what advantages it gives you.

If you accept this situation and completely dissolve in it, then you will have fun and positive emotions.


And this is the biggest problem for most, since everything around just provokes you to stop losing weight. These are elementary corporate parties, birthdays, picnics, meetings with relatives and here the list can still be continued indefinitely.

Here, as in any new endeavor, you just need to endure and keep yourself in hand. Do not give yourself slack and over time you will not notice how you already easily treat the surrounding temptation.

I think it’s time to make a simple conclusion:

– don’t set yourself limits – the biggest obstacle is in our head.
– have not a dream, but a goal.
– difficulties are good, they make us move.
– solve questions consciously.