All types of protein powder: from whey to vegan

There are many forms of powdered protein, and each of them contains several amino acids that the body needs to replenish its energy supply and ensure muscle growth.

Protein powder is best absorbed within the first 30 minutes after a vigorous workout. Since a person usually has no appetite after a heavy load, smoothies are a great way to replenish the supply of important proteins.

Whey Protein

Whey is one of the two main proteins found in dairy products. It is more easily absorbed by the human body than the other main milk protein — casein. In addition, the serum is easy to buy, and it is inexpensive, making it a favorite product of both bodybuilders and those who are trying to lose weight by following a high-protein diet.

Whey comes in two main forms: whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

Whey Protein concentrate is made using the traditional cheese production process by separating milk into two components: liquid whey and solid cottage cheese, or milk fat and casein. This liquid whey is then dried into the most common type of whey powder. This version is easy to make and therefore generally cheaper than whey isolate.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is obtained from liquid whey through a special filtration process that removes fat, cholesterol, and lactose from the solution. This process allows the use of whey powder without side effects for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Egg White Protein

Egg white protein is exactly what the name says — the dried, powdered form of chicken egg protein. For some people, it has several advantages over whey protein.

For example, people who suffer from allergies to lactose, you can use this protein powder. Although most of the lactose is removed from the whey protein isolate, it may remain in some amount. Egg white or albumin is digested at a moderate rate, which distinguishes it from fast-digested whey or slow-digested casein.

This means that its beneficial effect will last a little longer than when taking a cocktail with whey protein. It is also one of the few complex proteins on the powder market, as it contains all 10 essential amino acids.

Ready-to-use bone broth

Bone broth is a broth with a high protein content, which is prepared from bones and a small amount of meat. It is simmered long enough to extract a lot of collagen, minerals, and other nutrients from the bones. It is easy to prepare at home or purchase in a powder or liquid version.

Bone broth has become a favorite form of protein for many people. It can be drunk as a delicious soup, which is ideal for those people who do not like sweets. Collagen supplies the building blocks for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Because of this, it can slightly improve the situation with thinning hair, brittle nails, wrinkles and dermatological problems.

Bone broth is widely used as an ingredient in savory dishes, as a drinking broth, or as a base for soup.

Vegan and Vegetarian Protein

There are a wide variety of vegan protein options available. Each has its own advantages and taste profiles. Many of them are either sprouted or fermented, which opens up access to many of the nutrients in food and facilitates a person’s ability to digest them.

Pea protein powder provides a powerful and highly hypoallergenic protein boost. It contains a wide range of branched-chain amino acids. .

Soy protein powder is the most widely used vegan protein available. It is better to use fermented and organic powder, as it denatures the xenoestrogen hormones that are naturally present in the plant.

In many cases, vegan protein powders are also mixed together to produce a more complete plant-based food source.

General recomendations

Protein powder is a great product that can be consumed in a variety of other forms. It can be added to recipes for cookies, protein bars, cupcakes, or any other baked goods.

These products are great to take with you on long hikes or use as a snack during an active day. Not only do they taste good — they can also help speed up a person’s metabolism and fully activate the body’s fat-burning generators.

As a result, a person will be able to get rid of more fat and build more muscle.