How to make a wish correctly

From December 21 to 22 a very magical phenomenon is happening – the winter solstice.

The winter solstice is an astronomical phenomenon. According to ancient customs, it was believed that on this day the sun is born again. And the day begins to increase. All nature, all living things are renewed and reborn. Also, humans, as a part of nature, can change fate, leave all the bad and old behind.

Tips to prepare for changes

Start with cleaning the house, be sure to get rid of everything bad, old and unnecessary. When cleaning, think about how your home is filled with pure light energy.

Cleanse your body and mind. All types of meditation, relaxation will be very effective and useful, up to the improvement of internal well-being.

On these days, you should not swear, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol and fatty foods.

Spend time with friends and family in a good mood, dreaming of a bright future.

During this period, try to be as positive as possible, think only about the good, dream more, visualize.

The most effective method to make a wish

1. Write down your desire on a piece of paper, applying all the rules (in the present tense, without negations and blurring – clearly and specifically). You should be clear about what you want.

2. You must be prepared to the fulfillment of your desire. Many people are simply not ready to accept their desire when it comes true and its consequences. Think very seriously about the most important thing for you.

3. For these days keep thinking about your desire, visualize it, experience the emotions of having what you want.