3 reasons why you don’t have a 6 pack

Everyone has ABS, just those who are not overweight, it is visible better and vice versa. In this article we will talk about why many people can’t pump up 6 pack.

It is important to understand what core is, many people confuse and say that Abs and Core are the same thing. But performing classical exercises, the core does not pump up. Since the core is pumped by many exercises and squats too.

The core is the muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the spine, hips and pelvis.

Below we list the main reasons why you do not have a 6 pack.


The fact is that 80% of the success of obtaining abs pack depends on the diet. I always say that no matter how tough and exhausting the workouts are, they will not make the abs beautiful. Without a doubt, training builds abdominal muscles, but the kitchen cuts and draws it.

The abs are no different from other muscles and it also needs to be trained according to the principles of hypertrophy. And the kitchen (proper nutrition) helps to reduce the level of body fat.

You need to understand that Training will not give the proper result without proper nutrition and vice versa. Eating without proper training is a waste of time.

In order to pump up a particular muscle group, it needs to be given a sufficient amount of time.

I’m not saying that doing abs exercises at the beginning of a workout as a warm-up or at the end is bad. But if the goal is to pump up other muscle groups. But if you want to pump up powerful abs, you should focus on pumping it.

Therefore, exercises on the abs must be fully added to your workouts.

The fact is that for some muscles, or rather to awaken the metabolic process, more repetitions are needed. 10-12 repetitions are enough for one person to feel a burning sensation in them, and 20 repetitions are enough for others. But it also depends on the type of exercise performed.

That is why it is very important to choose the right exercises and training style for yourself. It is good enough to feel the abs when doing exercises.

Try to perform fast repetitions of about 70% of the total number of repetitions, and perform the remaining 30% slowly. Perhaps this method will suit you. Experiment, because each person is different.

Remember exercises with your own weight will draw the press well, and with additional weights allow the abdominal muscles to grow.