Fitness motivation

Stop wishing start doing

You think:
When I have more free time, I will start training.
When it’s spring, I will start running.
When it’s New Year, I will eat clean.
Doesn’t work, right?
YOU HAVE AN ENEMY, that is stronger, than you.
And it’s “WHEN” which controls your brain.
START use “NOW” and you’ll see, how your life changes.

Start training with healthy motivation

We all are looking for some fitness motivation to start training and doing sports.

My motivation was always a strong desire to be healthy, have strong body and good stamina combined with usefull information, good workout tips and videos.

Sometimes we really want to achieve some goal, but lack of information or some weird advice, like eat nothing and lose 5 kilos in one week, can harm a lot, so then we are even afraid to do something.

Effective tips to start being healthy

  1. No hard limits
    Usually setting a goal – to lose weight, turns into extreme measures. For example, a complete rejection of sweets and training five times a week. However, such ambitious plans in most cases end in failure, since it is impossible to radically change your lifestyle in one day.Moreover, in 3-4 days (maximum one week) you gonna feel depressed, low energized, bad mood and have a very strong desire give it all up, eat a burger and forget about perfect body, because such life is not worth it.
    The best way to stay motivated and really achieve a goal is to move in small but confident steps.
    Training to have a healthy strong body doesn’t mean not eating sugar and strict rules.This process is a joyfull path, because you start training step by step and feel better every day, you eat tasty food that is healthy.


2. Let your goals go far beyond appearance
Fitness should not be a punishment for you that causes negative emotions. It is necessary to turn physical activity into a pleasant time. Therefore, set goals that are not limited with the weight scale. For example, run a half marathon along the ocean coast, learn how to do simple tricks on a snowboard, or participate in a dance battle. That means become more confident, braver and happier person.Fitness is not only exhausting training sessions in the gym, but also any activity related to physical activity. When you set yourself such exciting goals, they become a source of incredible motivation.

3. Find an inspiring coach
There are fitness trainers who always know how to choose the right words. Motivate you to do intensive training or exercises that you previously thought were too difficult.Therefore, don’t focus only on fitness as a training process, but on the people that surround you. When you have an example to follow and a source of inexhaustible inspiration, every training session will turn into a real holiday.

4. Choose the perfect training program
Each person has their own desires and preferences. Some people like to train several times a week, but for a couple of hours. Others choose daily ten-minute sets of exercises. Someone can train exclusively in the fitness gym, and someone feels comfortable only during home sessions.If you don’t like heavy weights workout you can do stretching and body weight exercises. Or you can run outdoors and then perform some training session in the park. The choice is huge, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect option for yourself.

5. Make a challenge
If the thought of long-term training doesn’t inspire you, then try to shake yourself up with the right challenge. For example, it can be a month-long marathon of plank performance or a challenge “perfect abs in six weeks”.This approach to fitness will not take much time, but you will see the results soon. In addition, such challenges teach you to regularly perform physical exercises, and achieving your goals, visible results motivate you.

6. Online fitness apps
There are many apps for weight loss, gaining muscle mass, stretching and other purposes. Pay attention to the wonderful applications for increasing the number of pull-UPS, training push-UPS, performing exercises on abs.

 Recover from active physical activity

Last but not least, give yourself time to recover from active physical activity. Otherwise, it will lead to overtraining, sleep problems, or poor health.
And this condition definitely does not motivate you to continue fitness classes.
If you have had unsuccessful attempts to start training, then treat it as a valuable experience.
Do not stop in percieving your dream to have a beautiful body, lose weight and achieve high results.