Manage emotions with yoga

Manage emotions is not always an easy thing to do. Repressing, denying, ignoring them seems to be the more common way that most people handle their emotions. Emotions are energy in motions. When you’re upset you can feel it in your body. The last thing you should do is ignore these powerful signals your body is giving you.

How to manage emotions

Having made a decision to transform this area of personality, a person begins to look for various methods and tools to solve this problem. And here yoga can become one of the best tools to manage emotions. In the modern world, yoga is often perceived as a discipline designed to improve a person’s physical health, while the emotional sphere remains uncontrolled.

Techniques for coping with emotions

The science of yoga gives us various exercises for managing emotions. First of all, I must say about hatha yoga. There are several basic body-oriented techniques for managing emotions in yoga, which will allow you not just to control your emotions, but to learn to live a life free from imposed experiences, stress and other negative conditions of the modern world.

Proper nutrition

A special role in this section is played by human nutrition. Food that causes extreme feelings arouses the corresponding emotions in a person.  As a rule, this aspect escapes a person, and he does not see the connection between uncontrolled emotions and nutrition.

Yoga Asanas

When starting to master techniques for managing emotions through the body, it is best to go from simple to complex. Asanas are a very good tool for transforming yourself, which develops patience, endurance and observation. By cultivating such qualities, we do not just block emotions, we replace them with better behavioral models.

Shatkarmy-cleaning techniques

An important link at this stage is a complex of shatkarm actions to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. It is known that toxins have a very strong effect not only on our physical health, but also on our mental state. Also, the shatkarm complex includes techniques for calming the mind. For example, contemplation of a candle flame relieves tension from the eyes, prepares a person’s mind for deeper practices that affect the emotional sphere of life, introduces a person to a blissful state. Often people ignore this area of knowledge, please do not forget about cleansing!

Santosha — satisfaction in everything

If a person intelligently approaches hatha yoga, fulfills all the recommendations, then gradually he has a certain positive state, which in Sanskrit sounds like “santosha” – satisfaction. This is already a sure step on the way to mastering your emotions and achieving emotional peace. Relationships with loved ones are being established, employees at work are accepted as they are, ambitious requests for material goods are going away. What used to annoy you, now can’t get you out of yourself.


However, this condition is not always stable. Meditation leads to better results in controlling emotions.  There are a huge number of different meditation techniques and their variations.

Observer State

There is another technique that allows you to take control of your emotions. A person gradually develops the state of an observer of his feelings and thoughts in the process of life (work, home, travel). By studying ourselves, our reactions to various events, we can eventually classify which emotion occurs when.

Usually our reactions are of the same type and almost everyone can predict their appearance with practice. Acting ahead of the curve, we can either not bring events to our reactions, or be already ready for the expected emotion, which in itself will weaken it. Thus, we will be able to avoid many negative events, maintain friendly relations and conduct more constructive activities.

In conclusion, we recommend using all of the above techniques in a comprehensive manner. Gradually, you will be able to notice that your sharp reactions to certain events become softer, the sharp corners of the personality are erased and thanks to calmness, you can make better decisions. The key to success is always the decision to change yourself and take responsibility for your life, no matter what events happen outside.

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