How to start training

Why you need to start training

You need to start doing workouts, because physical activity has significant health benefits. It has positive influence on heart, body and mind. Exercising reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

If you ask a question, how to start training, it means that you have already taken the first step – the decision to take care of your health.

Our Body and Soul Transformation project aims to motivate people to perform any physical activity. So here is a quick guide for beginners to start training.

8 tips how to start training

1. Start today – if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one, if you don’t have a gym membership, buy a yoga mat and start doing exersises at home. To start doing something is already half of success.

2. Look for new opportunities – think about what sport you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you have always dreamed of playing tennis or enjoyed playing volleyball at school. You need to find some activity that is fun for you and brings joy.

3. Start with small goals – if you want to lose weight start with the goal to lose 5 kilos in 1-2 months (not 10 kilos in one week).

4. Try different activities – even if you started to swim, do not stick to one activity. Also try new things – aerobics, running, roller skates .

5. Eat clean and drink water – this is your fuel that gives energy and help you recover after exercises. Your plate should contain vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grain bread, cereals, vegetable fats, fish, dairy products.

6. Strengthen your muscles – if you do cardio trainings don’t forget to find time once or twice a week to strengthen the muscles. You will not only form a beautiful figure, but also create a protective corset that will help you avoid injuries.

7. Make sure you use the correct technique – sometimes results don’t appear due to bad technique. Use videos and tutorial blogs, or better find a good personal trainer at least for a month to learn how to do exersises correctly.

8. Motivate yourself – you should be inspired . You can use a prize, such as a new tracksuit or gadget. Try to reward yourself for each new goal you achieve.

Everything is possible. And we are here to help you.
All you need is readiness and a good plan.
If you work hard soon you will be proud of your results!