Pull-ups. Beginner’s guide

Pull-ups – one of the simplest, but most effective exercises. With their help, even in adulthood, you can get a beautiful figure, developed muscles of the arms, back, abdominal muscles and even chest muscles.

This article will help you to start doing pull-ups even if you have never done it before.


The warm-up should include about 2 minutes of running on the spot or walking at a fast pace. Then we proceed with warming exercises “from top to bottom”, i.e. from rotation of the head, through rotation of the shoulders, forearms, hands, pelvis, knees to rotation of the foot.


Begin with doing the maximum possible number of pull-ups with the correct technique. We avoid jerks, swinging, kicking with our feet, distortions in our hands. We pull ourselves up at a calm pace: exhale on the upward movement, inhale on the downward movement.

It may happen that you are not able to do a pull-up yet. And it happens quite often. But this is not a tragedy. Let’s do the exercises that will help you to strengthen your muscles first.

1. Australian pull-ups.

This exercise will strengthen our back muscles.

By changing the angle between the trunk and the surface on which you perform this exercise, you can change the load on the working muscles and at the beginning choose a position that will allow you to perform 8-10 repetitions.

By changing the position of the legs, we can adjust the load on the muscles of the back and the muscles of the arms.

2. Pull-ups from the box.

Here we are already performing almost a classic pull-up, but when lifting, we help ourselves with our legs, thereby developing proper motor skills, and continuing to train the muscles of the arms and back.

Moving the box closer and further relative to the crossbar, we change the load on the working muscles.

3. Pull-ups with a resistance band.

We fix the band on the crossbar. We insert the foot into the lower loop, and using the compression force of the band, we lift our bodyup. Make sure that the band does not slip off your foot. Otherwise, the compression force of the rubber can strike you.

4. Negative pull-ups.

This is the exercises when you, using a box do a pull-up and then, as slowly as possible, lower yourself to the starting position, lingering due to the strength of your arms and back.

We perform the exercise as slowly as possible.

Using these 4 exercises in your workouts, you will form a muscle frame that will allow you to perform classic pull-ups without using additional devices. Every two weeks, you need to do a test for the maximum number of classic pull-ups. When the number of correctly performed repetitions reaches 5, the main part of the training can be filled with classic pull-ups, and the exercises given in this article can be left to “finish off” the muscles, forming muscle endurance and increasing the number of repetitions from time to time.