How to choose the most important men’s accessory – a watch?

The accessory that shows everything.

The status of a modern man is largely reflected in his style, in particular in the accessories he wears. One of these status elements is a watch, which has long been performing the function of not just an indicator of time, but has already become a full-fledged accessory.

Position in society, success, life goals and style – all this can be seen only by one small accessory.

Choose the right watch.

To make the right impression, choose a watch according to your image.

I want to share my story about how I finally managed to find the perfect brand of watches, and I hope that this will help other men who are in search of a beautiful, status, but at the same time convenient accessory, which in addition to a visual picture can give something more – a sense of strength and power.

About a year ago, I found out the watch brand S-Force. With deep roots in bodybuilding, MMA, American football and many other sports, they have grabbed the attention of many men and women on a global level.

I was very impressed with the idea behind the brand. The idealogy of strength and power, embodied in the slogan – “Strength Overcomes”. Watch as a reminder of the innate ability to overcome obstacles that others around us will declare impossible, of the strength that we possess.

For me, this is more than words, because my whole life is dedicated to overcoming obstacles, which has turned into my professional activity as a personal fitness instructor.

My main goal in life is to help people discover their physical and spiritual potential, to find and cultivate strength, confidence and the desire for new achievements.

I must say that the design of the S-Force watch, as well as the manufacturing technology, also correspond to my lifestyle. I’m constantly on the move, meeting people and working out in the gym. For me, it is important that my watch is comfortable, technologically advanced and at the same time looks stylish, both with a classic suit, and with sports or casual clothing.

One of my favorite models is the ARES. This watch meets all my requirements. The comfortable silicone strap is firmly attached to the wrist, which is very important during cardio activities.

A solid stainless steel case powered by a shock resistant Swiss movement – the most important quality for watches, provided twhen you workout with heavy weights.

This model is available in different colors, but I prefer the matte black, because it is ideal for those days when you need to combine a business meeting and a workout in the gym.

I want to note that the best option is to purchase several models and change them if necessary, according to the time and place.

A universal model is a watch with a metal bracelet – they are suitable for both a daily image and a more formal one.

For example, the S-Force has an ALEXANDER model with a Stainless Steel Link Bracelet and Sapphire Crystal Glass with anti-reflective coating.

As an alternative, I purchased an ORION model in a combination of black and gold. One of my favorite combinations, it looks powerful and stylish.

Finally, I want to note that S-Force has thought out all the details. The watch comes in a metal flight case type box. Very stylish, isn’t it?

As a personal fitness trainer of successful and high-status men, top managers and the owners of businesses, and a entrepreneur myself, I can definitely say that the payback of a good quality watch is an investment of a man in his own image. A well-chosen model is a concise and harmonious completion of the personal style.

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