Leg muscles training. Where to start?

Leg muscles training on a separate day is one of the main rules of a training program.

The legs are the largest group of muscles in the body, including not only the calves, gluteal muscles and thighs, but also many small muscles.

Building a sports physique is impossible without a full and purposeful leg muscles training. Exercises with a barbell and dumbbells develop both muscle strength and improve a sense of balance – which has positive affect on your posture.


Start your leg muscles training with the basic rules.

    1. Correctly choose exercises. The priority of training the leg muscles will be basic exercises. They will help to build muscle mass. All basic exercises, due to their complexity, not only involve more muscles at once, but also produce somatropin, the so-called growth hormone. It has an anabolic effect on our body, reducing the breakdown of protein and enhances its synthesis.
    2. The progression of loads. In order to avoid stagnation in muscle growth, we will need to constantly add working weight. Let it be 1 kg, but the progression should be constant.
    3. Warm-up at the beginning of the workout. This is a very important component in the training process. A warm-up will help prepare muscles for hard work.
    4. Stretching at the end of the workout. Remember – stretching is done only at the end of the workout! But why? Because during stretching, the muscle relaxes, which contributes to its speedy recovery and minimizes muscle pain the next day after training. And also, it stretches the muscle fibers that remain in a bound state after hard work on the legs in the gym. If we stretch at the beginning, we will relax the muscles and they are unlikely to be able to work out to the maximum.
    5. Periodization of loads. That is, alternating workouts, for fast and slow muscle fibers. What is the difference between them? Fast muscle fibers are white and designed for hard work, but they get tired quickly. Therefore, they are trained with large weights and a small number of repetitions from 1 to 5.Slow muscle fibers are red. On the contrary, they are designed for long work, but with much less weight. We will train them for a large number of repetitions with a light weight for 15-20 repetitions.



Hope, that this information will help you start training your leg muscles and avoid injures.